Mobile Soles is a shopping experience catering to today’s busy woman. Bringing fashion forward, delivering items to your doorstep. We’re a unique boutique on the go! We are licensed to service all of New York State with hopes of meeting every shopping need. A value added feature is the ability to purchase online as well.

Ask us about:

Fashion Parties

To have a successful Fashion party, a minimum of 10 patrons are desired but are not required. As a hostess, a portion of total party sales are given to you and applied to your purchase at the end of the party or in cash. It’s up to you. Your guests are greeted with excellent service in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Nothing sells fashion better than the truth from your girls! Gather them and let’s shop!

Fashion Consulting

Ever feel like or have been told that you need a new look? Our makeover (under) services are to live for! This by appointment only service is sure to have people talking about you. (In the best way possible.) Learn to dress your age, spice things up, or add a little pizzazz when necessary. Give us a call. We’ll come to your rescue.

Want to have fun with it? Get your girls together, nominate one of them and give us a call. We’ll make it an ambush! Here’s how it works, our partnership with area salons with our fashion in tow is sure to make this a winning combination.

Fashion Emergencies

Our assortment of flats and slippers are always delivered right on time. Out after work, and your feet are on fire, give Mobile Soles a call. Show up at a party and someone is wearing the same top…give Mobile Soles a call. Going out with your partner and you need ideas in a pinch, give Mobile Soles a call.

Fundraisers/ Benefits

Gather your friends together for a fun night out to support a worthy cause and Mobile Soles will donate 10% of total party sales to the charity or benefit of your choice. To ensure a generous donation amount, invite as many people as you possibly can. For more information or scheduling information please contact us.

Girls Night Out

Make it a fashion fun time while still getting the perks of hosting a party. The fashion possibilities are endless. 

Melissa Fayson, Owner

From Food to Fashion, mobile retail has become a sweeping sensation across the nation.  More and more, people are moving away from brick-and-mortar buildings in an effort to minimize overhead.  By trying their hands at mobile establishments, business owners have created new ways to run profitable businesses.  These innovative entrepreneurs are using vehicles that will help them move their products literally!“The Original Mobile Barber” or the “Mobile Fitness” trucks out in California, as well as Mobile Soles Fashion Boutique in Buffalo, New York, mobile retail has become a great way to get products out to the masses.  Established September 12, 2011, Mobile Soles, Western New York’s first mobile retailer introduced the “heels on wheels” concept to the economically challenged blue collared town of Buffalo.  My hope was to bring notoriety to this area for something other than the Buffalo Bills or chicken wings.  We are so much more than that.

It hasn’t been easy selling the idea of a fashion delivery system of this magnitude, my fan base of supporters is continuously growing.  Although a mobile boutique seems ideal to me, it takes a great deal of effort to spread the word out here.  As the mobile movement continues to grow, the community is warming up quite well to the idea.  I’d like to encourage people of all ages to never stop dreaming.   Nothing is too far fetched.  As I work on perfecting my dream, you can find me in a neighborhood nearest you, hosting home fashion parties, charity events, girls’ night out, and fashion emergencies.  I also provide personal shopping services and fashion consulting!